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Sunday, April 18, 2004
I've been blogrolled
Satisfying my ego by looking at the referrer links from my site stats service, I just found out that I have at least one reader who has not been persuaded verbally to start reading. He even added me to his reading list "as it is written by a Norwegian, and it's always nice to find something exotic. I've known Swedes, Finns and Danes but the only Norwegian I knew was a guy with a hobbit hairdo. In my high school."

Hobbit hairdos are of course very popular here in Norway, and right now I wish I had a camera (or at least a mirror) to show you all how my neckwarmer is coming along... Heh, and I'm exotic. If I had a eurocent for each time I heard that, I would have.... one cent.

Oh, and the blog is worth reading, been missing some tales from the crypt - er- lab. He's missing an RSS feed though, so I have to visit manually until he clicks yes in the apropriate box in his blogger settings.

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