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Sunday, April 18, 2004
New commenting service
I've just added a new commenting service from HaloScan. I don't think the functionality is radically different (no choice to get emailed when people comment or reply to a comment), but the layout seems a bit nicer, and it includes a trackback service.

I really want a system that allows trackbacks to be sent automatically when linking to another blog, and a commenting system a la a messageboard, or at least with some sort of notification system. I used MovableType when blogging from Milan, and Pia showed me some of the functionality I didn't know about here the other day. Being a control freak, I want it running on a server where I have totalitarain control. Since Xiando (my Linux-guru who ran the Milan blog) seems to be a bit slow on responding to all my various stupid requests for playing around with content management systems, I think this will have to wait until I have moved back home and got my server room (wet dream) set up with my own little web server.

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