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Saturday, April 03, 2004
Scandnavian RSS celebrity deathmatch
I'm hooked on RSS now. I get fixed up hourly. I feel exhausted, transcended. My reading speed has increased, I think, threefold. Amphetadesk is really an excellent name for that program.

Let's take a look at how the Scandinavian countries' biggest news sites have adopted to the trend. I checked out whether the biggest newspapers in the three countries had their own RSS feed set up. Research was done via Google, with the search string "rss site:domain.name". When no results showed, I visited the respective page and did an internal search, which (lo and behold) did not provide anything more than Google. The links are to the pages where the newspapers present their feed service, not to the feeds themselves.


dagbladet.no: Several feeds
aftenposten.no: Several feeds
vg.no: Several feeds
bt.no: One feed
ba.no : no source
dn.no : no source

(note: ba.no and bt.no are local papers, but as I am currently based in Bergen, these were included for my convenience. And maybe one or two other readers)


dn.se: Several feeds
aftonbladet.se: No source
di.se: No source


berlingske.dk : no source
bt.dk : no source
politiken.dk : no source
borsen.dk: One feed

Quick conclusion: Norway seems to be the forerunner when it comes to news syndication. What is most surprising is that neither Dagens Næringsliv (dn.no) nor Dagens Industri (di.se) - the two countries leading business newspapers - have jumped on the bandwagon. Whether this is a policy decision, or just technological inertia, remains a mystery.

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