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Friday, April 09, 2004
The Swedes do it again
Sweden seems to be racing ahead in the gene-research area. So much for our great and protective and reactionary laws in this country. Now, researchers at the Karolinska Institute have identified a gene related to asthma and allergies (Swedish). Betterhumans have the details.

What does this mean for Norway? While these studies have not involved stem cells, the progress that is being done in Sweden shows how important a rational and positive approach to genetics research leads to positive results. When (not if) they discover a valuable treatment for a disorder based on research outlawed in Norway, what should we do? Should we deny our citizens the treatment because it is based on what our (primarily christian-based) ethics say is wrong? Or should we jump on the even more unethical bandwagon, letting other countries do the grey-area research, and wait to reap the benefits? The worst thing is that such an approach may just work in Norway. As long as we can feel good about ourselves for not making the world a more scary place (through allowing stem cell research), silencing any critique will be simple as long as we are allowed to purchase the treatments. Go oil! Go ignorance!

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