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Thursday, April 15, 2004
Twilight Zone revisited
This made my day and made me think at the same time (strange feeling) -- there is something sinister going on in Norway these days. Our trademarks have for as long as anyone cares to remember; high prices, high salaries and did I mention high prices (a litre of gasoline costs something around 1,2 Euros). And now, for the third time in two year (dramatic emphasis beign added) Supermarkets are cutting the price of Beer!! Yes, beer! One of the few ways to enjoy life that still is legal in this country. What is happening? They are banning smoking, closing pubs early and scaring the life shite out of most people by whatever causes cancer this week. And then they lower the price on beer?

I am inclined to believe that this is our Christian Democratic Party's work; they are planning to sedate us before taking over completely... And I will bite the hook, happily. Oh well. Cheers!

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