Norway to the future
Saturday, June 05, 2004
From one bad smell to another
I was just at Garage; that is, Bergen's number one rock hangout/pub/bar/nightclub.

Before: a thick mist of cigarette smoke covered the basement floor, making everyone's eyes run, people coughing whilst lighting up another fag and having their beer at the same time. No need for dry ice smoke at the concerts, we made it ourselves. And we loved it.

Tonight: almost vomited from the smell of sweat, farts, urine. People were obeying the new law, placing their pints wherever they saw a spot while popping outside to have a few drags. Luckily, the weather was OK, so no trouble yet. I just try to imagine the smell and lovely atmosphere one rainy day in October, when you cannot go outside without the fear of catching the mother of all colds; people cramming in the doorway to get a whiff of warmth while sucking at their cigarettes. Sweaty, slightly pissed off, wet people trying to enjoy a beer.... lovely.

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