Norway to the future
Thursday, June 03, 2004
Mellow rebeginnings
Like crawling out from under a rock; peeking at the all too bright sun, this is. Someone sent me some well placed words, hu probably won't read this, but thanks anyway. And whilst sitting here in the dark, spreading wikified memes to this small, select audience, the block still looms. So many thoughts, ideas, projects evaporating bit by bit while feeding the brain with junk data. Alas, where to start.

Ah, the cigarettes. While prone to forgetting from time to time that I do smoke, I cannot help but feel a bit sad about the new law. For me, no problem. I'll just not smoke when I go out, or go out when I smoke. The problem is that there will be no problem. In a couple of months, people will already have forgotten the past, adapting their lives to yet another minor adjustment in the system. The collective mind is neither especially bright nor has it a very good memory. For all it's worth, history is indeed written by the winners. The most successful memories get recorded, securing their place; imagine the mutations they must have gone through to end up chiseled in stone. Prehistoric times certainly have a blissful appeal.

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