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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
We come in peace
Finally, after months of planning, rewriting and generally bogarting the much-needed bylaws, the Norwegian chapter of the World Transhumanist Association was approved today. Huzzah! Invites went out to the Norwegian members of the WTA, and the first positive reply came after 20 minutes (Chemometrics; now where's my Wikipedia; ah. there. Now I feel enlightened). A small step for transhumanity, a slightly bigger step for me (been planning this a while).

PS: You really want to invest in this blatantly underpriced piece of art from a young, beautiful, aspiring (and starving) artist. Yes you do. Go fetch.

PPS: The Blogger staff have added a commenting service (probably some time ago), as you may see below I am running two (for now). Use the new one please, I wish one didn't have to click twice, I'll double check the settings at some later time. Still no option to get email replies when I provide my insightful answers to your memes, too bad.

PPPS: Sleeping four hours really jump starts my brain, for some weird reason. Wonderful ideas keep popping into my head today, from origins unknown. I should sleep less and work more, but then again.

PPPPS: For the linguistically adept: It sure is easy to leave the first s out of Transhumanist when hacking away at the keyboard. Makes you think.

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